Guidance For New Software Developers

I always get asked where new devs should focus to start their careers. Your best bet is to rise above the rapid pace of technology changes and spend some time on key fundamentals. Fundamentals will help you grow no matter what language or tech stack you’ve chosen to follow. I... [Read More]

Building a React Audio Player

I’m going to try to something different for this post. I’m going to write and blog about building a react audio player at the same time. You can check the result on github. [Read More]

NGINX Static Routing

I ran into a problem with routing between NGINX and my React Router. In this app, I was running a prebuilt static JS file. The problem I ran into was with NGINX and how it handles static routing. A typical static location in the NGINX config looks like this: [Read More]

Subdomains With Express, React Router And You

I recently had to build multiple subdomain routes into a node and react project. I wanted to make the routing easy by resolving normal base href routes for development as well as meet the subdomain requirements for production. One of the challenges was dealing with both React Router and Express... [Read More]